Summer Schedule and Dig Premium Begin June 19!

The heat and humidity are here, and when the temps get hotter, the hours are shorter at Watkins Nurseries!

Beginning today, June 19, 2023 we will be CLOSING AT 4:00PM, OPERATING UNDER OUR SUMMER HOURS SCHEDULE; 7:30AM-4:00PM Monday-Friday!

Our Summer Schedule also means it’s that time of year to add A 20% DIG PREMIUM TO ANY TREE(S) THAT ARE DUG FROM OUR FARM. The summer heat and unpredictable precipitation along with the trees focusing their energy on growing taller with still growing a few leaves, makes this time of year extremely risky to dig in-ground trees.

Planting isn’t as risky as the actual digging, which is why the fee applies to field dug trees only. Fee DOES NOT apply to container trees and predug trees!