Materials Delivery

Materials Delivery

We offer delivery services for most of the products we sell, from trees to shrubs to bulk materials. We have a fleet of vehicles and equipment that deliver and unload your material as needed. Below is the list of delivery services we offer. If you have any questions about scheduling or pricing, give us a call at (804) 379-8733 or e-mail us at

**If you’re looking for Mary Ann’s Trucking, that’s us! We acquired Mary Ann’s Trucking back in 2006 but we are now finally bringing everything under the Watkins Nurseries name. New name but same great service! **

Tree Delivery

We deliver large and small tree orders. If you need trees delivered and don’t have the equipment necessary to unload them, ask for delivery on our boom truck! We can fit approximately 30-36 two inch caliper trees on the boom. If you have a very large order and the equipment to unload it, we can ship on tractor trailers. We can fit approximately 100 two inch caliper trees on a tractor trailer bed. These are just estimations; the size of the tree and root ball will determine how many trees we can fit on an individual load. Please call us to discuss details!

Container Plant Delivery

Our box truck is perfectly equipped to handle large and small container plant material shipments. With the ability to put four layers of shelves up, we can fit approximately 500-600 three gallon containers on one load. Since the box truck comes equipped with a lift gate on the back, we can deliver trees in it as well! The number of plants we can fit in the box truck changes based on size of pots and plants; call us to discuss details!

Bulk Material Delivery

Watkins Nurseries, Inc. supplies a variety of landscaping materials to the Richmond, VA area. Our trucks deliver up to 20 yards of soil or compost, up to 14 yards of sand, up to 25 yards of mulch, or up to 20 tons of gravel per order. Not sure how much you need? Refer to the chart below or give us a call today at (804) 379-TREE.

How Much Do I Need?

Soils and Mulches
Depth                                           Material

4″ Deep                        Approximately 81 square feet per cubic yard

3″ Deep                        Approximately 108 square feet per cubic yard

2″ Deep                        Approximately 162 square feet per cubic yard

*All measurements are approximate and vary by job.

Gravel, Stone and Sand
Depth                                          Material

2″ Deep                        Approximately 162 square feet per cubic yard

*All measurements are approximate and vary by job.

1 ton of clean stone covers a 10×12′ area 2″ deep.

1 ton of granite dust or crush and run covers a 10×10′ 2″ deep.