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Sod Restock SALE!!

It just wouldn’t be Autumn without restocking pallets of puffy primed SOD!

Why use sod?? Sod provides instant results, although not ready for normal lawn traffic, it instantly gives the look of a finished lawn.

Along with immediate appearance comes immediate soil erosion control! On slopes or areas with erosion problems, sod works as a blanket to help hold soil in place from the start.

Sod also contains few or no weeds. It outcompetes weed seeds that try to move in early on.

Lastly, rooting time is QUICK! Sod can take just two to three weeks to root well and become established. Once these roots are established, your lawn is ready for normal lawn traffic, including entertaining, play and pets. However, it is best to wait at least 4 weeks before your first mow.

Available while supplies last! $5.50 per yd for Contractors

$6.50 per yd for Retail

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Crazy Crape Myrtle SALE!!!

Dynamite Crape Myrtle

Can you believe we are halfway through September already?? The Autumn Equinox will begin next week (the 22nd) and then the Fall planting Season will officially be upon us!

In celebration of our favorite time to plant, we are having a CRAZY CRAPE MYRTLE SALE!

$16.00 per foot for an order of 10 or more Crape Myrtles (B&B), and $14.00 per foot for an order of 25 or more!! Mix up your cultivar and sizes or get all the same, it’s up to you!!

We grow all your favorite varieties: Natchez, Muskogee, Tuskegee, Sioux, Powhatan, Pink Velour, Tuscarora, and Dynamite!! Sizes available are from 4’ – 14’!!

Sale applies to all pre-dug and in ground, ball and burlap Crape Myrtles. Dig fee NOT applied to discounted Crape Myrtles.

Minimum purchase amount IS required to receive SALE PRICE.

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